Faith and Emelia

Grade 4

Parry Sound

Life at Home

Home is the place to be.

Home is where you can be free.

Home is where you celebrate traditions with family and friends.

Home is where you get food and water.

Home is where you lay on the couch with family and pets.

Home is where I hide under the blanket in my warm and comfy bed.

Home is where I make my mom and dad happy with a cup of coffee.

My home is a big building that I sleep and eat and play in.

My home is where my sister, mom, and my dad live and my two dogs with me.

My house is a special place that I can call home.

Home is anywhere you live and feel safe.

Home is where you can look forward to going after a long day of work.

Home is where I fill my brain with so many memories and happy moments.

I love my home !