Grade 5


Life at both houses

It is hard to live in two houses. I have to follow two different sets of rules and meet two different sets of expectations. My dad is usually more strict, and my mom is more lenient. So today, let me tell you about my two different homes.

It is weird for my parents to kind of share me on certain days. But in this story, I will be talking about my moms. This is a story about the meaning of home, about love, family, and a place where I can roam. I feel that it is a safe place, that I go to every Wednesday and Thursday. I love it so much. I feel safe to cry and be angry. I can jump on the bed, and be free. I pray for the people who aren’t so fortunate and lucky. I hope they will fly free and be healthy. My mom and her fiancé work for those people and help them. I am grateful for my life and to even wake up.

At my dads I feel loved ,appreciated and supported. The food is good and filled with love. I like it here. My little brother is kind of mean but its okay. My dads home is closest to my school. My school is nice. I love and appreciate my home I am grateful for it. I love my family and my pets.