Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc


Everyone should feel good about themselves.They should feel free and they should feel cared about; unfortunately, not everyone has that privilege. How can we make our surroundings feel like a home?

You might ask yourself: What is the actual meaning of home? Is it a house, a building, or is it more than that? The truth is, home doesn’t literally mean where you live, it is how you feel when you are in that building. You feel free, like a bird that can finally release its wings. A home is a feeling you feel when you are comfortable and happy. Unlike a house, a home isn’t a sensation of limits, in a home there are no limits That is why we should all feel like we are at home.

In my opinion, I think that feeling at home means that you and everyone around you feels appreciated, like they matter, like the world would not be the same without them. I feel that this is an important component to feeling at home because without anyone to care about you you tend to feel like there is no good reason for you to live and that may lead to depression. In fact, according to Statistics Canada, every year around 294 youths between the ages of 10-24 commit suicide. A big cause to this irreversible act is feeling meaningless. In that case, how do you help someone who feels meaningless? A way to accomplish such an immense task is very simple. All we have to do is to never make someone feel bad, even if it just seems like a joke, it could be extremely hurtful towards the victim. Instead, we should make them feel appreciated and try to befriend them and you can even be their friend. Another way to achieve such a task is that you can give charity to the less fortunate to let them know that they matter. If everyone felt that way, we would all, without a doubt, feel at home.

Don’t we all feel at home? It might seem this way but really, it’s not. Many people don’t feel good, don’t feel like they are happy with themselves. We should care about these people and we shouldn’t leave them hang behind because they matter, just like we do. By others not feeling at home, it could even make us not feel at home. This can happen by us not feeling like we did enough for our society and like our world isn’t good enough. Soon, if we don’t help the ones in need, we will never feel at home, and in life, that is the most important.

All in all, home is the place to be and should be felt by everyone, no matter what it takes.