Grade 5

British Columbia

Less and more

Remember if your on the side of the road,always remember if you put your mind to it you can do anything you want. Maybe you want to be a lawyer or a car salesman or own a coffee shop. You may have haters but you will always have lovers. Never think your a disgrace, think your a hero. Say your adopted, that’s fine. Who said that you have a half empty glass of water.You have a half full cup, trust me. A house can be anything, a sleeping bag with an umbrella, or a mansion with a plane. But who cares because as long as you have a home it’s ok you have family, there’s always love stronger than a bomb.
If that’s a brother , sister, parent or friend. They have your back, remember a cup is half full.
Never think it’s half empty. You may have more or less but you have family. That’s mist important. And money is just for a house. You have family, you have a home.