Grade 5

North York

Leo’s Meaning of Home

When I’m done School and the bus arrives home my dog is happy to see me. I like playing hide and seek with Ruby with a treat. Whenever somebody Ruby doesn’t know come over to the house Ruby starts barking to protect us. I also like the snuggle with Ruby and Tanner and I like to throw a ball for Ruby.

When I come home and sit down Joy my nanny asks me if i would like some apple slices. I am happy that Joy asks me if I wanted a snack. Joy is a very nice person. I remember that time when Joy went to the Philippines, when she came back she brought a gift back to us. Joy cared for us and brought us back a gift.
I like it when Joy brings her kids over for a play date. I like the fish she makes

My mom and dad take care of me and they love me. My mom and dad buy me clothes and wash them when they’re dirty. During holidays they buy me gifts and sometimes my mom just buys me stuff. I like it when my mom or dad lays with me at night when I’m in bed.