Grade 6


Leaving a home

Hi my name is Sierra and I am a military child. I know being in the military is hard having to move from one home to another and at times, it can be heartbreaking not seeing your home anymore and my story begins in Ottawa. I was playing on the Wii, I was winning against my sister, when my mom asked me to go upstairs. When I was going up the stairs I wasn’t thinking of what she was going to tell me only that I thought I was in trouble, but when she told me that we were moving. I didn’t think much of it until I thought of my life and how I would never be in my home again and that’s when I loved my home more than ever. So you can guess I was crying for a long time when we left but in my new home I made new memories, new friends and a new family member Spikey my new fish. So now you know what leaving a home feels like. But for some people they can’t afford a home, so being in this contest made me feel like I made so many people happy and I love making people happy. Happiness can come in different forms like making someone laugh or helping someone out. This contest isn’t for you or me it’s so people can understand what Habitat For Humanity does for so many people that can’t afford their own home and for me a home is a place where you can feel like you :).