Grade 6

British Columbia

Kenny & Kobe

Kenny & Kobe

Kenny is homeless. He lives with his mother in an empty lot near the woods. The question he most commonly asked his mother was “what is home”. His mother rarely replied, and when she did, it wasn’t what he was looking for. Whenever he went out to play out on the streets the other kids always teased him. He usually played out in the woods. He loved playing pretend but was always alone. He wished for someone to play with. His mom was working all the time trying to get enough change to get some food. Kenny rarely felt full. He never got any new clothes. He wore the same clothes every day. One day he was playing in the woods, he heard some rustling in the bushes. He expected it to be a raccoon. But the creature sounded much bigger than a raccoon. He went over to investigate. He went through the bushes and was surprised to see a starving Siberian husky. He spotted a collar which read” Kobe”. There were no contacts on the collar, and Kenny was super happy. He told Kobe to stay and sprinted to tell his mom, who was making lunch. His mom said he could keep him, but they had to come back by dinner. Kenny played with Kobe for hours and had more fun than he ever had. When dusk fell, he finally realized the true meaning of home. A ginormous grin spread across Kenny’s face, and he went back to playing with Kobe. After an hour more of play his mom called them back for dinner, and Kenny and Kobe had the happiest meal ever.