Grade 6

Spruce Grove, AB

Kennedys Meaning of Home

What Home Means to me
Hi, I am Kennedy! Home isn’t just a place, building, or a shelter to keep you warm it is a shelter for your heart, and a place where you can cry when you are sad with comforting parents. You can be imaginative, creative, carefree, and you can be you. Home is a happy place.

One of the first things I think of when I think of home is having fun with my family. Movie nights are one of my favorites. We usually do an at home theater. An at home theater is where we earn fake money to buy snacks like popcorn, pop, and candy, then we go down to the basement to watch the movie. The other thing i like doing with my family is crafts, we either paint, or make something else. Last but not least is game nights. I like game nights at home with family and friends, we play board games and eat popcorn.

The next thing I like doing at home and with home is outdoor activities. I like to go on hikes with my family and see the mountains, lakes, and forests. Once, my family and I went to a place where there were waterfalls and freezing cold lakes, it was nice. I also like to play outside at home and with home. We go on our trampoline, skip, play hopscotch, and we go in our sprinkler and the blowup pool.

The last things I like doing at home and with home are holidays and celebrations. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like the smell of Christmas, making Christmas cookies, decorating the tree, the presents, and spending time with family and friends at home. I also like birthdays. I like them because they bring me happiness and I love the cake and having fun with friends and family. Last but not least is Halloween. We get to go trick or treating together and we get lots of candy. After we trick or treat, we dump out our candy and trade.

That is what home means to me.