Grade 6


Joeys home poem

My home is where
I am free
And I can express
All of my Cree.

A home is where
People feel healthy
Some people feel sick
And others feel wealthy.

A home is where you feel safe
Somewhere your cozy
Somewhere your private
And no one is nosey.

Homes come from
People all over
You can go to your friends
Home for a sleep over.

My school is my home
Because it is cool
The place I feel safe
Is Archwood school.

Homes are different
By the food that you eat
Homes are different
Because people might be sweet.

Homes can be
Big or homes can be cramped
Homes can be flat
And homes can be ramped.

Some homes can smell good
Some homes can smell bad
Some homes don’t have a mom
And some homes don’t have a dad.

Some homes don’t
Have food
Some homes have a lot
Which puts them in a good mood.

At home you
Can be mad
At home you
Be sad.

Home isn’t a location
It’s memories in a pot
Home can be cold
And home can be hot.