Grade 5

British Columbia

It’s more than a place

Home. It’s more of a feeling, a place of mind. It’s more than a house with a number. Like a shape-shifter, it can take many forms. To some it could be a special moss bed in the forest, a cramped apartment or even a hospital room. For others it could be a certain song or time period. To me it is more of all five senses. If I smell, see, touch, taste and hear all of these things I just know I’m home.
For me home smells delightful. Like the salty breeze that rolls in on smooth summer nights or like the countless delicious dishes that I feel lucky to be able to eat. Even the the less pleasant smells still feel like home.
There’s also certain things that when you see them you just know that you’re home. The sight of people just being friends, seeing acceptance and love. Seeing that imperfectly perfect mess of colours and all those old tall, trees makes me feel right at home.
When I hear the sound of laughter, the chirp – chirp – chirping of the chickadees high in the treetops. It also sounds surprising, like my oven timer. I love baking and cooking so when, so when I hear that timer to me It’s like a worm to a bird.
Home feels like a soft fluffy pillow and bed, also like my special white bear stuffie named Bear Bear. All well it feels like my family giving me a big ol’ hug for winning a contest or just for going to bed.
Home tastes like the delicious and hearty Irish stew, the spicy Mexican chili, the amazingly perfect pasta with meat sauce or even the chocolate chip cookies that I sometimes make. Eating this food feels even more rewarding because most of the time I get the pleasure to help with it.
Overall I feel very lucky to have good, healthy food, a home, not just a house. Also people who move houses a lot (me included), is so strong that it will find you wherever you go, whatever situation you’re in home will find you. It may take time but it will find you.