Grade 4


It is My Very Own

Home is a welcoming place
And it is my very own safe place
Homes aren’t just the spot to throw your stuff around
And be a couch potato
It’s the spot where you feel safe to open the door
And greet the breeze to come on in
It’s a great spot to be very well cared
It will be the spot to share
Home is the spot to let the beautiful sun say
“Hey, make sure you’re having fun!”
Home is the most perfect place
And it my very own
But yet everyone is welcome

When I enter my home I feel safe, comforted, and greeted
And it is my very own
Home is the amazing place where you get raised in
Home is the perfect place where place your terrific memories
In your four safe walls

Your home may look trashy
It doesn’t matter
Your house may look nice and fancy
It doesn’t matter
What does matter is that it is your very own home
And does not matter what it looks like
At least you have a good, sturdy, safe, shelter
And some people don’t

I’m grateful that I have my own place to be myself
And let my personality come through
Home is a place where you could be anything

Home is where I have my bed
Where I can rest my head