Grade 6

St. Albert

Is Your House a Home?

When a house is being built, workers work so hard
To make a place that might even have a yard.
But even though this house may have a roof and food
But your house might not even be a home you see,
Your house may have a brush and comb,
But does it have memories to show?
Your house could have some food and flooring,
But does your house have anything more?

When I think of my house I think of a home
With laughter, love, and so much joy!
Its a place for my family to come and rest,
And a place for my emotions to be expressed.
I can come back to my family giving me respect
And give them back my love and affection

When a house is built it is just a box.
It could be a box with a roof, or carpet, or even a couch.
But yet this box is all alone.
It has nobody that will come home.
This box has no love or memories,
Not even any treasuries.
This box needs a family to make it home,
To put up pictures and photos galore.
Without a family, a house will still be empty,
Still lonely and afraid, and craving affection.

When you look at your home is it a lonely little box?
Or is it full of love, life, and care?
When I think of my home I know it’s still a box.
But it’s got valuables for my family to enjoy.
My home is a box but my box is packed full
Including laughter, joy and even wool inside!

Some people do not have a home
Some people do not have a house
This is why we need to know
That having a home is so lucky
And that without it we would be alone
And we would cold and in the snow
This is why we need to donate
To things like food banks,
Or Habitat for Humanity
We all need to refrain our minds
So we can help others and be very kind
And help them find themselves a house
And so they can make it into their very own home.
Doing this can help lots of people
And it will make you feel very gleeful

You see, now you know whats a house and whats not
And now you know why we need homes and a lot more
But you also know now how to help the people in need of more
Some people now could have a home
By you donating just a little amount
So congratulations
Now you know what home is
And how to do a bit more.

All homes start as houses, but because of habitat for humanity, more houses have been built. Knowing what home is is an important lesson, because it can teach you to be grateful and understanding of people without homes. Always remember that when you are wanting more, some people don’t even have a home to share. Be grateful, and happy with what you have, and if you have the chance, help others too.

-Lauryn Samuel