Grade 4

British Columbia

In The Cold

The rain pours.The thunder booms high in the sky. I am so wet, shirt clings to me like Tibbles, the neighbor’s cat.The rain falls on my face, and it feels like my five year old brother is hitting me in the face with his Nerf gun darts. I hear my mom calling me for dinner, and then I hear a BANG and then I hear my mom saying, ”Michael! That is a plate, not a Frisbee!” I go inside,and I find my mom collecting up the plate. ”Hi,Tara.” she says. “Would you help me with the plate?”Mom notices that I’m wet, and she asks why. “To see how the homeless people feel!” “Well, that’s very sweet of you,Tara.” Mom says, and continues sweeping up little bits of plate. Ugh. Doesn’t she know that I’m ten? I head to my room, and sit on the bed, thinking about all of the people out there, in the rain. I felt colder thinking about it,feeling the emotions that they are probably feeling right now. Ouch. My wet hair drips until there is a big puddle on the bed. I get up from the bed and go to the dinner table, with a great idea in my head.
At school
During homeroom, I put together a slideshow about why we should raise money. Hopefully,my class will agree. I ask my teacher and she agrees to let me show it. PHEW. I wait until everyone’s watching and begin. All those people out there, without a home, don’t know what it feels like to have one but they deserve to know. Home is a place where your loved ones are,and you feel safe. It’s a place in which you have memories.Not just a house but a HOME.