Grade 5

British Columbia

In My Home

In my Home

In my home I smell tasty delicious treats that are tasty but sweet. I have nice fluffy blankets, pillows and stuffies stuffed with love.

I have large dinosaurs roaring with might in the middle of night. Dragons flying in the darkest depths of moonlight.

I hear crickety stairs and loud creepy noises heard just by an ear. I’m frightened, scared but when I’m with my family I don’t have to be scared because it’s my family with me.

I have cats, two to be exact. My first cat is lazy and she is black at night, and doesn’t get scared by a fright .

My other cat is as snugly as can be, harmless you see. No scratches for you or me but you see my cat has weakness. She loves to chase my bunny, he’s fluffy, nice and he likes veggies from me .

My family you see, I have a sister and she likes dolls. I have two brothers you see. Maybe like me, the oldest, he likes to hunt like me. I’ve shot one deer he’s shot two maybe like me

My home is a place where I can have treats, food and water. Some people in this world don’t even have water, food or even lunch. I’m writing this so other people can have a home like me.