Grade 5


Important home

To me home feels safe and secure. When I go home I see my family and friends and I just feel at home. I go in my comfy warm bed and I think about how not everyone has a home or a house and that makes me want to do something about it.
When I think of home I think about a skating pond and a hockey rink. It makes me feel at home because I love to go and play hockey with strangers and learn more about the game from them.
To me home sounds like oceans, lakes and seas crashing on shore and making loud noises. When I see home I see family and nice weather. To me home tastes like a warm nice spaghetti dinner with my family. Home makes me happy, smiley and makes me have fun.
I wrote this for me to realize that home is not a four sided house, it’s the people you are with and what makes you feel happy and safe. Home is the most important thing to me.