Grade 4


Importance of Home

Importance of Home

When I walk into my home I feel welcome. Home is a place where you can always come to when you are hurt, scared, or in danger. A place where you can be yourself. Home is where you live, where you are loved. Home is where the heart is.

Imagine not having a home, what would it be like not knowing where you will go tonight. Waking up and wondering how you will get to school today. You would not be treated the same, no friends, no one there for you. You would not have memories, not be able to look to your side and see memories. Imagine how that would be.

Home holds memories, when you look into your kitchen and remember playing tag or when you look into your room and remember that good book you read last week. Imagine going to a bench, no memories come to you. Imagine going somewhere new every night, no memories of activities or of people. No memories to push you on. Memories can guide us but they have none.

Home is a feeling not a building, but that building holds memories. Home is not just
memories and feelings it’s the people inside. When you are homeless you can’t scream and yell alone you have to do that in public. You can scream and cry mentally to that is what homeless people do. That is why home is so important to us and I want everyone to have one.