Grade 4

Saint John
New Brunswick


Imagine…a world with no homes! Think of all the things we can’t eat! No T.V’s, no bed,no anything. Just the ground. But imagine a world with home. A bunch of crunchy snacks, a whole lot of love, and more T.V then you can ever imagine.

Home is a world with love and kisses, and don’t forget all the books and reading. The comfort of home makes me feel warm inside. My bed is a place to go to sleep on and I love resting my hurting knee. Love is the best part of home because you get a bunch of everything all the time.

The food is good in houses. We can cook, we can eat, we can do all kinds of things with food! You can make candy bracelets and home is a world for creativity

I am so glad that we have roofs over our heads and I’m so thankful for our houses, food, love, and warm ness. Thank you god for our houses.