Grade 5


I’m thankful for a home

My home is where all my dreams
come true. My home is full of joy
and yours too. From darkness
to light.Your home is a special place
where you are happy and full of
joy .

Our home is a place where we feel
safe and don’t have to worry about
what’s going to happen next.We sleep
on beds and in comfy warm blankets
those who sleep on the streets and
shiver through those dark and
stormy nights shall also feel safe and
not worry about what is going to
happen next.

Home is where love resides,memories
are created.Friends and family belong
and laughter never ends.
Home is a place where your secrets
are stored,your home is a place
you share your thoughts.Your home
is just like your friend,who you will own
forever and ever, My home to me is
like another mom and dad.My home
Is a place where happiness is spread.

My home is a place where
friends reunite and new
friends are made.home is a
place of love,where you have
someone to lean on when
you are feeling blue.

Home is a place where
You can share your feelings
With the ones your care about.

This is what my home means to me.