Grade 5


I’m so lucky to have a home

I define home as a place that feels secure to have the best goodnight sleep with the most joyful dreams. A place that carries memories of me. Home to me is one of the most special places to be. It not only carries warmth but it also carries a comforting family who cares about and loves me. A place that’s safe and a place I can trust. Home is where you can be yourself and have no insecurities. A comforting place of my childhood memories. It’s where I started to grow, when I said my first words and then started speaking in full sentences. A place where I learned all the things I know now.

Home has everything I need. A cozy and warm bed, food and drinks, and most importantly a family that loves me to pieces. Nothing is more important than a home, the most comforting place in the world. It’s the place that I learned how to push on my first scooter from there I moved to a skateboard. A place I lost my first tooth and grew my adult tooth.

I am so lucky to have a home, which is why I entered this contest to help those who are in need of shelter to be just as lucky as me.