Grade 4


I’m a Homie

Home is a place filled with love
Home is were I laugh at the jokes, not all are funny
Home is were I cuddle up with Max, my dog
Home is were I smell my stinky dog, Mickey
Home is were my cat, Phill, goes to your face to purr and
give you a cuddle with lots of love
Home is one BIG meat dinner, so… leftovers for three days straight!
Home is making coffee for dad
Home is watching T.V with Fortnite as a background sound
Home is making my own food for most of the dinners
Home is listening to my sister, Glory, playing piano
Home is watching YouTube on the tablet
Home is playing video games with my brother Jack
Home is driving to hockey with mom or dad
Home is Glory breaking into my bedroom
Home is not so much seeing my brother Ike because
he’s hiding in his bedroom all day long
Home is going to my bedroom to cuddle with my pets
Home is seeing my lazy cat Phill in his cat tree
Home is calling Max to bed then falling asleep in heaven
Home is just good!
Home is saying bye bye