Grade 5


I’ll Stay at Home

I want to move to Italy or Rome,
but I cannot just leave my sweet old home.
Whenever I remember those happy old memories,
it just feel like I want to stay much longer with my family.

Whenever I am in my secret facility,
I am comfortable, safe and there’s nonstop creativity.

At home I feel like a spoiled queen,
I know my parents love me as what I have seen.
Sometimes I am mad at them and I argue alot,
in the end of the discussion I win, and I get the things that I want!
But as I realize, material things do not make me pleased,
it is the people who cared for me and the people I have shield.
My home is not just walls, roof and doors.
My home protects me from the terrifying cold, mean people, but most of all it’s a place where my family cares for me and adores.

I do not want to leave the people in my community,
because they are kind, supportive and give me so many opportunities.
My neighbourhood is the luckiest people I have ever had,
because some neighbours treat other bad,
and that makes me so mad!

I do not want to leave behind the ravenous poor,
I want to help, do a charity, give a better shelter, and be a savior of them all!
Some families have a home, but are still struggling with food, money and rent
if we do not help, more people will be homeless, now risen to 50 percent

One day I will change mu mine, and move away into a different place
but right now, I want to cherish all the memories I will have in this state
until then a new journey will await.