Grade 6

New Brunswick

I’ll go home.

I’ll Go Home

Have you ever been at school, feeling sick? You ask for the phone pass and your teacher says “what for?”. Most of us would say “I need to call home, I’m sick..”. What do we mean by home? The real question is… what is home?

Most people would say, “home is where I feel safe”. You could feel save at school, at home, at a store, but that place isn’t a home! Have you ever heard of being home sick? When you are home sick you think of home. You’ll feel like you need to go home.

If you ever have any of these symptoms you may have a place to call home! Some of these symptoms are; feeling overall happy with your home, feeling secure at home, knowing you are safe and feeling homesick when far away from home for long periods of time. You don’t need these symptoms to have a home, there just more common.

Home is a weird word. It has a different meaning to different people. I’ve lived in many houses, but I know only one of them I can call home. Well this text is over, I think I’ll go home.