Grade 6


I wish to be Home

Surrounded by passing shadows
Strangers who only know me by my face
Who judge me by my clothing and and the color of my hair
Who don’t understand my tears
Connections that end at a polite “thank you” or “excuse me”

I learn names I’ll soon forget
And meet kind eyes that I won’t remember
My surrounding world is friendly and kind
But it is not my home

The cold air is unforgiving ,filling my lungs and chapping my lips
I wish to be home
The winter sun is bright, but it fools me as there is no warmth
I wish to be Home
Where my glasses will fog as warmth kisses my face
Where people love me for who I am

Home are the people who know me
The ones who make me laugh
The ones who know my life is mine,
But my heart is theirs.

Home is where I can taste the deliciousness of my mother’s baking
And the cleanliness of the water I drink
The warm laughter of my sister and the silliness of my brother
Home is my dad’s protective embrace
My home will always accept me
With unconditional love, that is always true and forever remaining