Grade 5


I Love My House

I Love My house
I love my house because I have a kitchen, a bedroom, a dining room, a bathroom, and a bedroom. First off, I love my bedroom because I have the BEST place I could ever ask for to sleep in. I also like my bedroom because I have a place to put my clothes. I love my kitchen because it holds awesome delicious food and amazing appliances to store and cook food with. There is also a place that the dishes can be washed. I also love my dining room because it gives me a place to sit and eat.
Why My Home Is
My home is safe because I have parents that protect me and 4 siblings that can protect me to. I also have a lock on my door that allows me to be safe so no one can get in. I also love that people care about me and can keep me safe and windows so we know when someone is coming.