Grade 6


I Love My Home

When I see home, I’m filled with beauty and joy.
The moments that I remember came to me one day.
Like the time we watched a movie together.
And the laughs I heard were like no other.
A time when I was still in bed –
My mom woke me up and gave me this big hug.
I felt safe and like there was nowhere else I could possibly feel safer.

Home is the best place I could ever be
Because I can see the ones I love
– And the food
Biryani, butter chicken, naan
I hope you understand
How my mom is truly the greatest,
There surely won’t be anyone else in her place.

Then there’s my dad.
He is the one that made me a good person.
He taught me a lot.
We go everywhere together.
As a family that I hope will be with me forever.

I love my brothers.
More than ever.
The second oldest is weird, and funny.
The youngest is adorable.
They are the reason my life is the greatest.
What makes me be me,
Is how they love and cherish me.
They make me want to love every inch of myself.
Letting me know they are with me
No matter what.
I love my home.❤