Grade 5

British Columbia

I love my home

Home to me is a place where I can sleep, eat, I play, and most of all a place where I feel safe. A home is not just any house, a home is filled with memories unlike any ordinary house. For example you get back from a vacation, work trips, road trips, camping or any time you have been away from your home, there is just something about it when you get back. A surge of happiness to see your own bedroom, toys, couch, bed, fridge, maybe even your brother or sister’s room and all your belongings, maybe you left your pet with somebody when you were away. If you go away from your home on a vacation you might miss the vacation desperately, however if you move to a different house, I am positively 100 percent certain you would miss your old home a whole lot more than just a vacation. You can always go on vacation again but if you move to a different house I am almost positive that you would be devastated. And there is barley any chance that you will move back to that home let alone see it. You could have had a lot of happy memories at your old home, or you might have friends there on that street or maybe you just simply loved your old home. A home is nothing like a house for a home feels safe, and warm, and cozy, and comforting and happy and safe. A house would never compare to your home. A house is just a house.There are not many words for a home, you can’t ever really explain what a home really means, the question is what does it mean to you?