Grade 5


I Love My Home

Home means to me a place that you’re comfortable being near.
Also a place that you can feel accepted. A place where you can laugh, a place you can talk, a place you can love. A place you can share your feelings. No matter how big no matter how small you should be grateful that you have because some people can’t afford a house. So be grateful that you can afford food and a house. Out of those walls there’s love there’s love there’s hope there’s memories. What home means to me. My mom’s cookies, my sister’s juice, my dad’s cooking and my dad’s rice. What I see, I see people smiling, people laughing just people having a good time. What I hear, I hear people talking, laughing, Daisy and Scarlet barking and Maverick meowing. What I taste, my sister’s homemade juice, my mom’s cookies my dad’s cooking and my dad’s rice. I fell my family’s hugs, my fuzzy blanket, and the couch. A home is a place where kindness spread’s. Its where your family now’s your talent’s it’s where the people now you best they understand you and your thought’s. My home is the circle of love it’s where we share are thought’s. Not being afraid to say what’s on our mind. My home is where I love I have big dream’s. But most of all I love my home. So be grateful that you have a home.