Grade 6


I Love My Home

I’m writing a poem about my home
Somewhere I know that I’m not alone.
I know I live on a really good street
I know that I’ll always have something to eat.
I know that I can heat up at the fire
Somewhere to go when I’m super tired.
Somewhere to go to lay with my family
Somewhere to go feel some empathy.
A place to go to spend some time with my family
A place to lay in my bed happily.
A place to go cook with some flour
A place to take a nice private shower.
A place to go to breath some fresh air
A place to go brush my hair.
Somewhere to go to read a book
Somewhere to go to learn how to cook.
Somewhere to go to watch tv to waste the power
Somewhere to go to take a bath for an hour.
Somewhere to go that might have walls
Somewhere to go that might even have halls.
Somewhere to go that has rooms
Somewhere to go that has brooms.
Somewhere to go look at the moon
Somewhere to go to listen to a tune.
People at home aren’t even close to the meanest
People at home might even be cleanest.
At home our family will help you learn stuff
At home you might even be a little rough.
I know I can count on my family for whatever
Because I know we will be a happy family forever.