Grade 5

Christopher Lake

I Love My Home

I Love My H+ome
Bacon on Christmas morning
Pancakes to go with it,
Hot chocolate to warm our toes on cold days,
Fresh cookies on the counter to fill my tummy,
Laundry on the floor,
The smell of clean clothes smells like fresh air,
Cozy in a clean blanket,
In bed smelling my clean hair,
In bed cuddling with my stuffed animal,
Walking into my bedroom the smell of Snowflakes and Cashmere perfume floats in the air,
Christmas smells of pine,
Walking into my house you smell a peppermint candle,
My blanket reminds me of my dog, Patty
The smell of her dog breath lingers on my mind,
And then my stinky brother walks by!
That’s how my heart feels about my home.