Grade 6

Elkford BC
British Columbia

I Love my Home

I love my home.
It’s a place to stay when you’ve had a long day.
It’s a place to go when you just don’t know.
It’s a place to have fun with your family and friends.
It’s a place to sleep and count thousands of sheep.
It’s a place to know your safe at home.
To have shelter and food and water and more.
I love my home.
Some people think of a home as four walls and a roof, but not me.
I think of a home as somewhere relaxing.
I think of a home as a fun place to be.
I think of a home as a quiet place to sleep.
And ya maybe even count sheep.
It’s a place where I can have my own space.
Where my feelings can run free and at a high pace.
Everybody disserves a home.
Without one there hart will surely blow.
With four walls a roof and a really comfy bed.
I can now put this story to a verry grateful end.