Grade 4


I Love My Home

My home makes me feel happy, comfortable, and safe! The things in my home that make me feel happy are my family! I have five people in my family. I have my mom, my brothers, and my dad. I probably have like seventy stuffies in my home. I also have toy animals that I play with a lot. I have a cat. My cat’s name is Felix and his nickname is Fefe. He chases me a lot. The things that make me feel comfortable are my bed and it is really comfy. My cat also comes and sleeps in my bed. My cat also makes me feel comfortable. I also have another room at my moms. That room makes me feel comfortable too. I also have more things that make me feel comfortable. The things that make me feel safe are my family. My cat also makes me feel safe. I have two homes. I just talked about my mom’s house and my dads. I feel happy, comfortable and safe. I feel happy because of my pets and lots more. I feel comfortable because of my bed and more. I feel safe because of my family and my dogs. I have one big one and one small one.