Grade 4


I Love My Home

In my home I feel safe. When I get home from school I get to see my family members. I see my mom, dad, and brother. I feel sad for the people who don’t have a home. My home is comfy and peaceful. In my home I have a blanket that I like to cuddle with when I am cold. It is red and has a deer, rabbit, and some butterflies on it. It’s fuzzy too. If people don’t have a home, and they are hungry, I’d be nice and give them some food to eat. I also want everyone to have a home to live in so they can have a warm, safe, and happy place to be. In my home, I have a favourite stuffed animal and I like to sleep with it when I do not feel well. I also have a lot of stuffed animals too. I like to cuddle with all of my stuffed animals as well.