Shena Marie

Grade 5

High Prairie

I Love My Home

I am grateful for my home because I have a big backyard with a trampoline and plants, and I also can paint!
I have a big backyard to play and I also play tag with my cousin. Playing with snow in my backyards is fun and it’s nice to make snowmen. Making a big pile of leaves in my backyard is fun to jump in.
Playing with my dog on my trampoline is fun when my dog jumps on me. I can also play with my friends on my trampoline when they come at my house. Itś great Inviting my cousins to my home to play with me and on my trampoline to have some fun playing together.
I also love planting flowers in my garden. Planting tiny trees in my yard is nice. Buying seeds to plant in my garden too makes it pretty. Watering my plants in my garden is fun when I get wet too. Cleaning my yard at my home is nice and it looks nice and clean. I like cleaning leaves, and taking off the grass in my garden. Painting the big rocks at home beside my garden is cool. After buying flowers at the store I put them in my bedroom. I painted my vase to put my flowers in and placed it at home.
I also play badminton with my dad in our backyard. My dad also teaches me to cut the grass in our backyard. My parents and I also eat outside in our yard so that we can feel the fresh air.
At my home, we are having fun together with my parents. At home with my parents we cook, watch movies and also like going outside to play. If we don’t have a house, we would need to share our stuff like the chair, bathroom, tv and much more.
That’s why I’m grateful for my home! Do you like your own house?