Grade 4


I Love my Home

Home has a pillow and a bed,
when I’m tired, I can rest my head.

Home is a place where I’m loved and I spread happiness,
it’s where we love each other, and give hugs and a kiss.

Everyone is grateful for each other, everyone spreads glee,
everyone is happy, everyone is grateful for me.

When someone arrives, we all greet them
we treat them like they are a gem.

Home is where you can eat healthy food,
home is a place, where everyone is in a good mood.

Home is a place where everyone cracks a smile,
hand in hand, we can all walk a mile.

It’s a place where we can play very fun games,
and everyone has their own personal names.

Home is a shelter that protects us from the cold,
Home is a clean place that should not grow mold.

At home, everyone is kind and we all care,
when someone is hurt, we all are aware.

Home is where we all fit in,
together we know that we can win.