Grade 6

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

I Love Home

Home to me is a place I love.
A place that is nice and warm.
A place that gives me love and support.
And keeps me safe from life’s storms.

Somewhere you don’t have to be alone.
A place that you can call your own.
Where you know you are always loved.
Even if it is not always shown.

To work, to school, to family’s homes, and driving in our car.
We go back home and don’t realize how really lucky we are.

There’s war and hunger in the world, where water is not clean.
At home there is clean water, warm beds, and loving arms where I can lean.

While reading, eating, sleeping, relaxing,
I can always be me.
Friends and family are welcome,
To the place I am most happy.