Grade 5


I live in Winnipeg I live in Manitoba

I live in a home i live in winnipeg i live in manitoba i live in Canada i live in the world.

Home Is where i live when i come into my house i smell my mom preparing some hot chocolate with marshmallows take off my jacket and run to the kitchen and see my mom with a big smile on her face and when I’m done my hot chocolate I smell some shake and bake chicken oh how I relish that when my brother we would go and watch some YouTube home is were my family gathers around at party anytime really when it is time to go bed I get on my football PJ’s home is where I go to sleep and I never have to worry because home is where I feel safe and if I didn’t have a home I don’t know what I would do sometimes I tear up just of the thought of it and I thank my parents for that because they work hard for what I have BUT I live in 4 walls with my family safe and protected