Grade 5


I Like Soup

When my teacher asked the class what does home mean to you I knew right then that home to me is family, memories, love and warmth.

Memories make me feel home. Sometimes you think why do I remember this because it’s the silliest thing. When I was 4 my brother jumped into a puddle and splashed water all over me. I cried because I got wet. Memories are forever. I’ll always remember when I got the lead in the play. My dad helped me practice for 3 weeks to get that part. Memories are happiness, like when I pull on my mom’s arm to go and look at the presents on Christmas.

Love is something you can’t always see. It is more of a feeling. It’s when you walk into your home and all you can feel is love. It’s when I wake up in the morning to my mom kissing me on the cheek or on movie nights my family are all together laughing while watching a funny movie .

Warmth is me and my brother sitting by the fire with a warm cup of coco. Warmth is Mom reading me a story well I’m all cozy in my bed. Warmth is Dad and I eating soup cooked to the perfect temperature.

There are people who don’t have these happy memories or who don’t get the feeling of love. A lot of people who don’t have a home don’t have the chance to feel the warmth and comfort that I do. There’s a way that we can help. Habitat for Humanity is building homes for people who can’t pay for the home right away, though gives them the chance to pay as they can. I am happy that I’ve helped in some way.