Grade 4


I Know My Home

I know everything there is to know about my home. The front door is blue. It says 4241. There are 2 steps from the front walkway to the door. Please come in.

Let’s take off our boots and leave them in the hallway. The stairs go up to my bedroom – I’ll show you that first. The stairs creak a little in the middle. This is my bedroom – it’s where I can be alone. As you can see, my bedroom is really big. I really like my room because I can be alone and I really love my bed because it’s bouncy.

So let’s go back downstairs. So here’s my dining room – it’s where my family eats. And this is my kitchen. It’s where my mom cooks us tasty macaroni and cheese. I really like my fridge because it keeps all my food cold.

Here’s the living room where we watch movies. I really like my couch because it’s really comfy. Here’s my backyard – my brother and I play outside there.

I saved this for last. It is what makes this a home: My family.