Grade 5


I Have a Home

I have a home simple and nice. It comforts me. It comes first. Although I’m small, I’m not afraid. I’ll be strong in its embrace. I have a home it gives me hope, it gives me faith, it lifts me up, it keeps me safe. When I come home from school, I smell delicious, spicy pasta. After I taste it I realize how fabulous it is.

I watch my sister as she sways to the music. I am desired to be the best version of myself every day at home. I’m glad that I get the love and the shelter I need every day. I wish everyone had the same privileges I have. I feel thankful that I have a home. With a loving family. I feel loved by my family members. I love to spend time with my family. Altogether we live happily as a family.

I have a home and I would never take it for granted.