Grade 5


I Feel Home

I feel home when I am safe.
I feel safe around my family because I can trust them. If I do something embarrassing I know they won’t judge me because I trust them. That’s why I feel safe around them. It’s like that saying, ‘friends may come and go but family is forever’. I feel safe around my friends. My best friends. At school we call ourselves the five amigos. The best, above the rest. Being around the people love and trust truly feels like home.

I feel home when I feel comfortable.
I feel comfortable in my pajamas. My pajamas make me feel like a rock star! Imagine, singing in your room and feeling confident because of your pajamas. I feel comfortable around my friends. Mainly the five amigos. Our traditions are playing at the Tik Tok tree, playing our favourite card game and putting our faces in the snow for at least 5 seconds. I feel comfortable when I’m sleeping. Sleeping is comfortable because you are in your pjs and sleeping in your comfy bed, and that makes me feel home.

I feel home where my heart wants to go.
Sometimes it depends where my heart wants go. In the summer, I love to go to Rogers cove or lakefield beach. I love the tiny curling waves and the sand in between my toes. It truly feels home to me. Watching Harry Potter movies with my friends and family feels like home. I feel home when I watch Camp Rock because it has a meaning to it that I love. The meaning is ‘don’t change yourself for anyone’. I love the singing and the acting it’s just amazing! I truly feel home when I watch these movies. They have a place in my heart.