Grade 6

Richmond Hill

I can be me

Home could be where you have your own Individual rights
Or might be the place where your beloved ones rest.
Maybe it could be where you stay your nights
Even it could be where you feel the least stress.

I think home means something else
Something much so important to me

When I think home only a few meanings come to me.
Here at home I feel accepted and not alone
Even in the darkest times, I feel like there is a person beside me, whispering everything will get better.
Resilience is what I feel when I know that I am home
Everyone loves you, they accept you for who you are not your looks or your smarts.

It’s a sanctuary where you feel safe and not pressured into being something you aren’t or doing something you don’t want to.

Caring for others’ feelings is the key to home
And making sure they’re loved, that’s is the door to the home
No need to pretend, I can be me and only me

But it’s not just a loving community, it’s the memories you make at home. The memories that will remind you of your roots, where you came from and who you are.
Even if you are far away home is not where you are, it’s in your heart.

Many don’t feel this way though, they don’t have a home to call their own
Eagerly waiting for a light to shine but never coming

And no one is helping, we are all humans, we should be there for each other
No one should feel this way,
Donating, spreading awareness any kind gesture is a way to help

Families would feel the same as you and me when we take a step and
Raising awareness or donating
Everyone helping and everyone caring so they feel loved accepted and warm
Everyone making them feel at home
That is what home means to me