Grade 5


I am… Homeless

I am… homeless

That will never turn, why would it

People try to help and assist me with money or food

But those people don’t benefit me at all

Numerous people think I’m stupid, absurd, unintelligent, and…just a dirty mess

I don’t trouble about it that much, it still helps

When people give me minor, narrow change

I certainly despise it, when the community do that

Some people even lable me, by giving me names, or bark and shout at me

Although, I have gotten used to that… sadly

Yes, I live on these dirty, moldy streets

Yeah, I guess I don’t feel like I’m normal because I don’t have a cozy home

But, people like me, just can’t be that kind of person who has a normal emotion

I suppose, I should just curl up and sob right on this spot…these cold sidewalks

Every dark, gloomy night

I gaze at people who walk by

Perch here, right on this worn down concrete

Snooze here on these filthy, vile curbs

I would love to live there whenever I get the chance to

Endure in a house

I don’t desire that in my life at all

I lodge in these parts of town on these busy, flashy streets

I’m very glad that I do

A lot of the priceless time when I sleep under the sky, I vision me, owning a house

I wish I never thought of anything like that

I have… to just give up

Hint: Read from top to bottom (It’s negative)
Read from bottom to top. (It’s positive)