Grade 5

British Columbia

I Am Home

I am home.
I walk in the door and talk to my mom.
Suddenly, all my fear is gone.
I look at my mom, and she looks at me.
I know this is the place to be.
It’s getting late, so my dad makes my favorite dinner plate.
I feel warmth and love every night,
when we pray to God above.

The next morning, I skip happily down to the ponies.
I fling open their gate.
They stand next to me because they know I’m there, and there to stay.
This is my home, and this is what I love.
I know I’m home, and home to stay.
This is where I know I play.

On the way up to the house, I find my cat.
He’s chasing a rat!
Then, suddenly, he’s right by my side.
I know he loves me, and he knows I love him.
It will be like that, as long as we live.
Because here, we all know, this is home.