Grade 4


I Am Home

H-O-M-E spells HOME

I am Home because that’s where my family, heart, and body is. My life is full of love and understanding and hope that our family will stay like that. My home is filled with these things and I am grateful for it. A house is just a place with people living in it, but a home is where there is a family living there, who share love, comfort, calmness, cheerfulness, and hope. All those things live there too. A house is a nice house, but with no love, and a home is a maybe not-so-nice home, but it has so much love. But a home doesn’t have to be just a house. It can be a condo, a cottage, even a shelter. It doesn’t matter what your home looks like. My home is lovely, calming, cheerful, fun, cozy, safe, and overall, a nice place to just relax. I am very grateful for my home, the running water, heat and light in it too.

Not having a home would make me never know what that feels like. I would never know the things a family will do for you. They will protect you, love you, take care of you, have fun with you, and many other things.