Grade 5

British Columbia

I Am Home

Home might mean something different to you
than to me, when I think of home it is
comfort and security.
I walk in my red house and hear all the
sounds that remind me that there is love all

Each time I walk in the door, right there at my
feet, is a tail wagging dog always there with
a greet.
Our other orange fur ball is playful and cozy,
he gives cat nuzzles with his pink little

My pets make me feel calm, so do musical
notes that come from my heart and
continue to float.
From my voice and my fingers and the piano
itself, brings joy to my family an even

Stomping and dancing to the song right
behind me, my joyful brother always
reminds me…
of who I am, or maybe could be, I hug him
down low and he looks up to me.

My mom opens her arms and ears to hear
what I say, when I need to talk to someone
about a bad day.
My dad is full of adventure and explores
when we go hiking and he makes me feel
strong when go biking.

My dad built this house that we all call home,
for my imagination to freely roam.
As you can see home is more than just walls,
it’s the memories and people that fill the

I am home.