Grade 5


I am a Bird Soaring in the Sky

There are a ton of meanings of home, it is hard to pick only 3 reasons. These are my favourite meanings, memories, safe, and free. Those meanings are part of what makes home, home. I think that all the meanings are wonderful and are the other third of what makes a home.

You make a lot of memories in your home.When you think about them it will make you smile.The memories are really wonderful.One of my memories is of family movie night when we watched Maleficent and the Mistress of Evil with our grandma. It was a really wonderful memory.

Home is a really safe place.It makes you feel safe. “The doors are locked no one is getting in.” That is something that makes me feel safe because no one can get in.You are also protected from the elements (weather).One of the elements is the cold.

Home also makes me feel as free as a bird. You feel like you can touch the sky. No one can bother you, you feel like you are as free as you can be. You can feel happy and when you feel happy you feel like you can fly all over the room.

That is why home is really wonderful. It is also why those three meanings are a third of what makes home, home. Home like I said before has a bunch of other reasons too and they are all good. Home is a place I feel excited because I get to go home and I look forward to it at the end of the day.