Grade 4


How To Make A Place Feel Like Home

When you first move into a new house it does not feel like home because you were used to the feel of your old house. So now you have to feel at home in this house. Here are the steps to feel at home at your new house. Let’s start getting started into your new home!

Step 1: Getting furniture

First you want to get furniture to make it so you can sit on it or do other things, like entertain yourself. This will make it so you feel at home a little because once you do things with your furniture for example you go on your bed it feels warm and relaxing and makes you feel at home a little.

Step 2: Sleeping there for weeks

Alright, alright, so the second step is to sleep there for a couple of weeks. The reason to sleep there for a couple of weeks is because you have to get used to sleeping there.

Step 3: Going to other places

So now since you got used to your new home, you want to go to other places to compare to your new home. That way you can have memoires. For example, “Wow, this bed is so warm like my bed at home!”

Step 4: Having fun there!

Now you want to have fun there. The reason why you need to have fun is because you need to have nice memories and fun. This will make you feel a lot at home.

Well, these are my steps for making a house feel like a home. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!