Grade 5

St. Thomas

How To Make A Home

Ingredients Items
3 cups of love & 2 bowls
1 cup of safety & A shelter
1 cup of memories (a mixer)
2 ½ cups of fun & An oven
2 cups of good health & Cupcake wrapping
A pinch of chocolate chips ( Sleep)

1. Get a bowl , Mix your love and memories in the bowl until fully mixed.

2. Slowly add in your safety while mixing the love and memories together.

3. In a different bowl mix fun and good health together.

4. Grab a shelter and mix the two bowls together until fully mixed

5. Place your sleeps in the tray, then add your mixture.

6. Place your tray in the oven for 25 minutes or until golden brown

7. Sprinkle your chocolate chips over the home. Serve to all in need!

That is how you make a home. All of those ingredients are all you need to make a perfect home. I hope that explained the way I think of home. Remember everyone deserves a home, even if they’re alone.