Grade 5

British Columbia

How I understand home.

I think of home as a place to lay my head. A place to play and relax. A place where no one can

disturb me. Somewhere I feel safe from the world. Somewhere I can be with my family. A place where

I can forget about my worries. There are so many things in this world that I am thankful for, such as

my family, my home and how it has changed in the past. The first changed my life forever. My little

brother Luke was born! It was amazing! I finally had someone I could play with at home!

The second change was also life changing, but not as much as when my little brother was

born. We got a dog ! My mom named him Blue . Yes my mom actually named him Blue. Not

sure why though. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a good boy.

The third change was monumental! Enormous! Fantastic! We moved into

a new home! So much more space, 2 more floors (counting the attic) and a way bigger yard,

and there was even an in-ground pool that was deep, and long, there was even a

small basketball court. Normally we probably wouldn’t have been able to because we bought it off my

dad’s parents for half price, and it was perfect there was so much room to play and there was even a

trail to the beach that took about 30 seconds to walk down.

The 4th change was more awesome than big. We got a trampoline and it wasn’t the cheap kind either.

It was massive, and it had a tall net that surrounded it.

That should rap up details the of birth of my Luke,blue, the trampoline,the new house and how my

family and I have changed over the years.