Grade 5


How I see a home

I live in an apartment; it has walls, floors, a ceiling…it feels so common, but it’s not. My house isn’t just a house; it’s a home—a place where I can share and make memories.

A home doesn’t have to be the place where you reside; it’s where you feel comfortable and can be yourself, a place where you can forge and strengthen bonds. Somewhere where you can practice and do the things you love. A place where you can appreciate every minute of being there, and a place where you can enjoy yourself.

Being in your home won’t necessarily mean it’ll always be happy, there are some moments where we feel sadness and sorrow or slight anguish, but that’s part of a home because if you always felt happy, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate it and we must overcome these moments.

I believe that everyone should have a great and happy home like mine.