Grade 5

New Hamburg

How I Feel About Home

To me my home is my special place, but my current house isn’t permanent, because sometimes your home is the home you have to replace.

When you are at home you know you are safe. When you are at home you can move at your own pace.

There is no one around to judge or criticize you, you have almost any possible thing to do.

You can go into your yard and play, you can do all of these any day.

You can run, walk, sleep and talk.

You can have over a friend and play a game, or buy a dog for company and give it a name.

You can play fetch with your dog or give some yarn to your cat, you can light your candle, how about that.

You can also sit on your couch next to that guy and just think THINK THINK, all you have to do is simply try.

So when you’re in your house with nothing to do, try one of these or try something brand new.